A Visit to the Burmese Crafts Pwe (Festival)

(Sein Lan So Pyay Garden.)

There are 8 nationalities such as Kachin, Chin, Mon, Rakhine, Myanmar, Shan, Kayin, Kayar all together lived in Burma. Each has their religion, culture, and tradition. It was very difficult to meet all in one place. But on those days of their festival, we had a rare chance to see them all. It was held at the Sein Lann So Pyay Garden at Innya Road, Rangoon, Burma for 3 days in February 2018. Burmese traditional crafts, clothes, souvenirs were launched in the place. 

(Colourful things were everywhere. The girl performed her talented skill of sewing to public. She was fully confident about her work.)

(Women, and men-wears were colourful. The woman with long neck attracted to everyone. Her way of sewing we did not want to miss.)

(The girl showed the way of traditional weaving cotton. People were curious to know what woman do her work.)

I loved to see all the things, and I did not want to miss each pattern. They not only displayed their crafts, and tools, but also performed the way of clothing, and sewing by their devices. They brought their tools, and equipment from their country, and showed the audience here how to sew, and wool their brands. Their hand-made (purses, slippers, ladies-shoes, necklaces, clothes, earrings, etc) were beautiful, and some were expensive. People enjoyed and learnt what they were manufacturing, and doing their work.

(People rest, and eat at the place where all the traditional snacks and food were served.)

They sold their traditional snacks, and drinks too. If we were tired and became hungry by seeing around, we could rest at the shady place, and could taste their meals. I hoped those festival would come again not so long.