My Life Will Go On (1)


(My Life Will Go On, by Junior Win)

I began to write in 1996, because I had no other work to do. Even until I spent 3 or 4 years of my writer’s life, I still was thinking I would quit this life if I found a better job. I was not sure for my career as a writer stayed for my whole life. I try to find the opportunities to get other work that would fit me. But those experiences were hard that gave me to write more and more. After my grandma passed away in 1999, I firstly realized that only to write still remained in my life.

Here, from this section, the reader will find my life as a writer;

Beggars Cannot Be Choosers (Brief Story of My Life.)
When I was a child, I did not envy my grandma, Khin Myo Chit (writer of Colourful Burma, Anawrahta of Burma, etc) however I saw her books were well-known among Burmese readers, and received the International interest. Moreover, when I was at school, I did not want to say my grandma was a writer among my friends. I thought writer's work was not a nice job. I would rather say she was a housewife than a writer.

(khin Myo Chit (1915-1999)

My ambition was to be a teacher like my grandpa, and my father. Grandpa taught English, and my father Mathematician. When I reached the University as a mathematics major student, I thought I would one day become a tutor in the University. The education system at that time around 1995, one had to pass the entrance examination if he or she wanted to be a tutor in the University. All the questions in the entrance examination were useless, and unimportant, because I did not find a single one that was useful in mathematics. Although I failed the entrance examination 3 times, I still did not give up.

(My grandpa, U Khin Maung Latt (1915-1996)

Fortunately, the education system was changed in around 1998. The entrance tutor examination system was no more. One could apply part-time tutor directly if he or she had obtained the B.Sc (honors) degree. At that time, I had already obtained the B.Sc (honors) degree, and was attending the master classes to get the M.Sc degree. Then, I became a part-time tutor at the University. It seemed that I became a tutor one day if nothing disturbed my ambition.

After months, we heard the announcement. There all the part-time tutor would meet an interview to be a permanent tutor. I met an interview like everybody else. It sounds smooth! All the candidates were waiting the result for a year. Later the result was out. All the part-time tutors passed the interview Except me! All my friends became tutors. But none of my friends came and comforted me. My fortune did not give a chance to become a tutor in the University. My life for more than 10 years in the University with the hope of tutor was now like a fool’s paradise.