Padauk Blooms Before the Thingyan Festival 2018

(We loved to put Padauk at the desk, and displayed as our precious pieces of love.)

Padauk (Gun-kino flowers) welcomed Thingyan in this year. Because of rain, and storm beating Rangoon before the Thingyan festival, Padauk buds were ready to bloom. After two days the heavy raining reached, Padauk flowers were everywhere on the head of women, and girls as well as at the market. We all loved to see those yellow flowers, and everybody could not help buying.

(The vendor brought Padauk by his car, and stopped at the market place.)

Padauks were Thingyan symbol. It bloomed on the top of the tree, and difficult to pick them down. But people near or lived beside the tree, picking them by the rod, or some were climbing on the tree. They picked, and throw the flowers down as much as they could reach them. It might be a happy moment to see Padauk dropping from the top of the tree. Some gathered them, and brought to the market where people crowded, and sold with reasonable price.

Myanmar New Year became complete with yellow flowers, Padauk.